Rock solid kids.

We are very excited to announce our Wednesday evening elementary age ministry, Rock Solid Kids is back!  Due to COVID this important ministry had been cancelled over the past couple of years.  This ministry runs on Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm - 8:00pm, during the school year.  I am sure you are aware of how the school systems have been influenced greatly by those with a worldly agenda.  Rock Solid Kids is a ministry that will combat the worldly teaching the kids are getting in school.  The kids who attend Rock Solid will be led through the Bible on a three year plan.  Year one, is the first five books of the Bible.  Year two, is a study on the kings and the prophets.  Year three, goes through the New Testament.

At Rock Solid Kids we teach kids how to build their lives upon God.  Rock Solid Kids is our weekly, Wednesday night, kid's program that teaches kids the Bible and Godly character. We do this with age appropriate lessons, Scripture memory, worship time, crafts, games and positive role models. Kids get their own Bible, workbook and T-shirt.